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A VERY late answer to the 'Ten years later' challenge on Blackraptor.
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 30 March 2009
Life's Gambles
Universe: Old West
Date Updated: 2 February 2009
This is a very short story that bit me, started milling around in my head and didn't want to let go. It starts right after Obsession and continues into Serpents, and has spoilers for these two episodes as well as Wagon Train and the pilot. It is more my view on some of the things that happened in these episodes, and what they might mean to the characters than a whole new plot, so actually I don't know if 'story' is the right name here.
This is my second attempt at fanfic... but I had my English spelling check work overtime on my Dutch computer, and the dictionaries were close at hand. Still, English isn't my native language, so mistakes can be around.
Universe: Old West
Date Added: 14 February 2005

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