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Summary: Acclimation - the act of becoming accustomed to a new climate or environment; a southern gentleman sees his first snow fall.
Warnings: None really, just an established relationship, a short scene with petting
Author's Note: Got caught in a surprise snowstorm on Monday and thought of our Ezra...
Completed: 9 April 2003
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A second stray flake drifted down from the slate gray sky. It reminded him of dandelion fluff, or a dried out cat o'nine tail, all white and soft, sailing on errant drafts of breeze. The flake, a mere particle of frozen white, landed upon his sleeve, vanishing instantly. Ezra raised his head to the sullen clouds above and realized he was seeing an entire fleet of tiny white sailing flakes wheeling downwards, increasing in numbers even as he stared. One landed on his cheek. Cold and damp.

He blinked as another landed on his eyelashes. For a moment it looked huge, then was gone. The flakes were much larger now, thick and solid looking. They were not melting as they landed on his sleeve, the steps, the porch rail. They stuck and more joined them. Rapidly, the air filled with a profusion of their brothers, their sisters, entire families of flakes. The air moved, swirling them, making them dance before dropping them to land with almost heavy plops now.

"Want to come in?" Chris' voice was warm behind him.

Ezra turned and smiled up at the blond. "This is the first time."

Chris raised an eyebrow. "First time?"

"Snow. I've never seen it fall, not up close, not like this."

Larabee's face creased into a smile and his hazel eyes warmed. "Pretty, isn't it?" He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Ezra as the man turned back to face the snow falling steadily now from the leaden sky. Ezra was still recovering from their last bust and Chris tended to be protective of his lover at such times. He looked a bit wan still. Chris pulled him close and hugged him, resting his chin on Ezra's shoulder. "This may be your first, but it won't be your last." I'll make sure of that, he promised himself.

"No, I don't suppose so." Ezra paused, then leaned forward to stick out his tongue and catch a flake. It felt cold and tasted of winter, dissolving with a miniscule bit of moisture tantalizing his tongue. Chris' arms had loosened to let him lean out and now pulled him gently back, back against the warmth that was Chris' body. "It's like a magic show." There was awe in the southerner's voice.

"Just for you."

"You arranged this?" Ezra's amusement leaked into the words.

"Of course." Chris' confident answer made his companion laugh with delight.

"You, sir, are not a very convincing con, but I give you points for your attitude."

"With me, it's all attitude." Chris lightly caught an earlobe between his teeth and mock bit it.

"Oh, yes," Ezra twisted his neck to pull his head away from the teasing attack, "a most ferocious attitude has our Mr. Larabee."


"A veritable lion, a tiger, a dragon-"

"Ez." Chris tugged him in tighter, crossing his forearms over Ezra's chest and squeezing slightly. "You are the only one who knows the truth."

"And that truth is?"

"That I'm really a pussycat." Chris lapped up the side of Ezra's neck with his tongue pressed wide and flat.

Ezra shivered in further delight at the feel of the rough tongue. "My cat."


"Like this snow fall?"


"All mine."

"All yours."

Ezra raised his hands to grasp Chris' forearms and tug them loose. Loose enough so that he could squirm around to face his lover within the circle of those arms. "Forever mine." He let his arms drop and then slide comfortably around Larabee's waist, hands settling on two smooth, round buttocks encased in old soft jeans. His fingers slid on into the rear pockets, a familiar fit.

Chris felt the suggestive grasp of Ezra's hands before they assumed their homing positions in his jean pockets. He smiled into those pale green eyes that shone so brightly and flexed his ass muscles beneath Ezra's pocketed palms. Their eyes meeting, his lit with an inner fire, becoming smoky and darker. "Forever, Ezra."

"Can we do it in my snow?"

Chris' smile took on a puzzled quirk. "Do what?"

Ezra rubbed his hips against Larabee's. "You know."

"Ezra, you want to make love out in the snow?" Now Chris sounded both astonished and amused, his eyebrows raised.

"Um-hum, in my snow."

"Snow, my sweet southern sir, is cold and when you get down in it, can get mushy, slushy, and damp."

"We'll warm it up." Ezra's smile turned wicked.

"It's still snow, Ez."

"MY snow." Ezra's pale face turned so that he could look back over his shoulder at the silently falling curtain of snow, thick enough now that the tree line beyond the corral was invisible. "My first snow." He turned back to look up at Chris. "Please?"

"Oh, god, Ezra, when you look at me like that-" Chris sighed and lifted his head to stare out at the backyard, now buried in over an inch of snow. "Ok." Already he was calculating how to do this so that Ezra wouldn't be exposed to the cold for long. Damn.

"You'll do it?"

"Uh-huh." Chris shifted his arms, pulling back to grip Ezra's upper arms. I'm gonna regret this, he thought, unable to deny his lover anything. "We'll both end up sick, probably, but I'll do it."

"Let's go inside." Ezra tipped up on his toes and kissed his lover's lips softly. He could see the worry plainly in Chris' face and was touched that his sweet man would still give in and do as he asked.

"Inside?" Chris' hazel eyes widened again. "But you-" He hesitated, then shook his head. "Ezra, sometimes---" Rather than finishing, Chris leaned in again to rub his cheek roughly against Ezra's cold one.

"Inside in our nice warm bed." Ezra smiled, a dimpled version of the patented Standish charm, adding, "Inside where we can snuggle under that thick down comforter and watch my snow fall outside the window."

Chris leaned down and in for a driving kiss that forced open Ezra's mouth. He pushed inside, his tongue roughly possessive. Ezra's tongue welcomed the invader, curling around it. For a while that seemed distinctly like forever, they stayed locked together, then broke free to pant and eye each other hungrily.

"Come on," Chris said, dipping slightly and catching Ezra under his legs and lifting Ezra's over-light frame, swinging around with his lover in his arms. "Let's not waste your first snow storm out here, that bed is calling our names."

Ezra wrapped his arms around Chris' neck and leaned his head on the other's shoulder. "My very first snow."

The arms, holding him up so easily, hugged him hard for a moment before easing up again. "Glad you like it."

"Yes, I think I do. With you." Ezra rubbed his cheek against the hard shoulder, warming it, and closed his eyes, closing off the sight of the snow and letting Chris take over, take him back in to bed. It felt so good to let go, to trust himself to this man. The movements as Chris carried him back inside were smooth and competent, the hold loving. Safe in Chris' arms, Ezra was happy. My first snow. He smiled contentedly.

Later, he'd go outside and make his first snowball. But right now, he had other balls to play with. As Chris moved them further into the house, Ezra turned his head back to look over Chris' shoulder for one last glimpse of his falling snow.


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