A La Carte
(Old West)

by Cyc

Vin awoke slowly, his consciousness stirring to identify the sound that had pulled him out of his dream. It was not one of the early morning noises he was used to. No bird he knew hummed complicated show tunes. Well, except for one brightly plumed male.

Smiling at that thought, Vin opened his eyes to the fussy furnishings of Ezra's room -- only to promptly curse at the bright sunlight flooding in.

"Hell, Ezra!" He rolled over on the feather mattress to find Ezra sitting naked on top of the covers beside him, sedately peeling an apple with a wicked looking knife Vin hadn't seen before. "Why didn't you wake me?"

"I was otherwise engaged." Ezra cut off a piece of apple and held it out inches from Vin's lips. "Breakfast?"

"What the hell were you thinkin'?" Vin shook his head in disbelief. "What are people goin' to think when they see me slinking out your room?" He made to roll off the bed but Ezra grabbed his arm.

"Then I suggest you don't go 'slinking out' my room," Ezra said, his intense expression stopping Vin pulling away. "I didn't wake you because I just woke up myself." His fingers stroked Vin's arm apologetically before letting go and returning to the apple. "It seems last night's activities were a tad overtaxing and the sun got the drop on us," he continued, cutting another piece of apple to replace the one that had disappeared. "I'm afraid rushing around like headless chickens isn't going to turn back time."

"Hell!" Vin cursed again but then let Ezra slip the new piece of apple into his mouth. "You got any ideas about how I'm goin' to get out without anyone seein'?" he said around the sweet juiciness.

"No." Ezra cut a piece of apple and popped it in his own mouth to chew and swallow in his own time while Vin frowned at him. "It seems to me our only option is to brazen it out."

Vin scowled. "Why do I think that's a bad idea?"

"Because you're not the brazen type?" Ezra fed him another piece of apple. "No one keeps a 24-hour watch on my room, Vin. They won't know when you came in."

"What if they ask?"

"Say nothing." Ezra shrugged. "Just give them that crotchety look and mutter something under your breath."

Vin opened his mouth to object but Ezra quickly put a large piece of apple inside.

"What crotchety look?" Vin still managed between chewing, swallowing and wiping apple juice from his chin.

"That one," Ezra replied, abandoning the knife and apple to take a light hold of Vin's face and kiss him soundly on the mouth.

Closing his eyes as he pulled Ezra into a deeper kiss, Vin knew apples would never taste the same ever again. With Ezra's heat moving against him, sucking and swallowing, he knew life would never taste the same again.

But nothing had ever compared to licking apple juice from Ezra's lips anyway.


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