Believe In
Part of the Acceptance series

by Silver

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Ezra had checked himself out of the hospital and taken a cab to the office. The doctor had cleared him a day early, and he had been more than happy to comply. Besides he wanted to surprise his lover. He knew the Team was going to have a coronary. It had been three days since the attack and everyone was still in what JD would call 'mother hen from Hell' mode. He understood fully, but he could only take so much, one of them was with him at all times, he was starting to feel like an adolescent child. So last night, he had asked them not to show up till after work. It had taken a lot to convince Vin, that he would be fine without him for a little while. It had been a lot of fun 'convincing' Vin. He was getting hard just thinking of what they had done last night.

Ezra stepped off the elevator and walked into his office. He had just put his bag down when Nathan passed by. Nathan did a double take, "What the Hell are you doing here? I knew we shouldn't have left you alone." Nathan's raised voice brought the others.

Chris looked at his undercover agent; he had a white bandage on his forehead that made the bruises stand out even more. His broken arm was in a sling, which was surprising; he was never very good at following orders. They normally had to brow beat the stubborn southerner into wearing the sling, or crutches or whatever the doctor the told him to do.

Shaking his head, "Ez, I thought we agreed that we come to work as long as you stay in the hospital?"

Ezra held up his hand to forestall the interrogation, "As I was about to point out to our resident healer, the doctor cleared me this morning." He grinned at the doubtful looks on their faces. He had anticipated this and took out his dismissal papers and handed them to Nathan. He watched the disbelief that crossed the dark healers face. He loved keeping them guessing. Another reason for his impromptu visit. "I believe that they are all in order, are they not?" This was said with an elegantly raised eyebrow.

Everyone looked at Nathan for an answer. "He's right. All in order. Oh, and thanks for giving me your discharge instructions. Now, I don't have to call the doctor to get them." Ezra groaned at this, he had forgotten the after care instructions were on it. Everyone was laughing at this when Vin walked into the Team's offices.

"Hey, what's goin' on over here?" Josiah stepped out of the way so he could see for himself. Vin leaned in the doorway, he was not happy about this, not happy at all. His soft drawl held an edge, "Ezra, thought we had discussed this?"

Ezra knew his Texan would not be thrilled he had checked himself out and not called him and let him know, "I was released a day early and thought to get some work done, until..."

Ezra cut off in mid-sentence, "Oh, no, remember I have the doctor's orders in writing. No work for two weeks. So, Vin can just take you home right now." Nathan took his job as resident healer very seriously and not even Chris would contradict him, if it concerned the health and well being of his Team.

"OK, you heard Nathan. No work for two weeks. Vin take the rest of the week off. I'll clear it with the Judge. Just don't forget the party for closing the case. Wouldn't be the same without the whole Family." Chris had refused to send Vin back in after the attack and knew Vin wouldn't have left Ezra, anyway. Thankfully, the Judge had intervened on their behalf, with the FBI and they had managed to take the entire organization down, with the information Vin collected, before the attack. Without further injury to his Team. He also, understood that Vin was still edgy about the attack and how close he had come to losing Ezra. They needed some time alone, to reassure each other that they were both safe and alive. He was more than happy to oblige, besides the party was away to give the whole Team a chance to do the same. So, they could wait a couple of days.

Vin took Ezra's bag and as they walked to the jeep, Vin stopped and looked at his lover. He had been angry with him for not staying at the hospital and then for not calling him to come to get him. He now realized that his conman had set the Team up. Smirking when Ezra turned around and gave him that 'I'm innocent' look, "Can't believe I feel for it, Spirit. You had this planned, even down to my reaction." They had continued walking and when Vin put Ezra's bag in the back, he looked over with a bemused expression on his handsome face and waited. He didn't have to wait long, "What exactly are you referring to Mr. Tanner? I would never 'pull' anything on you." This was said with a neutral expression, but his emerald green eyes said it all. They were full of laughter and had a mischievous glint to them. Vin couldn't hold the laughter back any longer; "They won't like it when they find out."

Ezra gave a hurt look, "Angel, surely you would not tell them."

Vin looked at his Heartmate as he contemplated this, "Well, I s'pose I could be persuaded to stay quite about this. My silence ain't cheap, it'll have to be real good." This was said in husky drawl that sent spine tingling sensations all through Ezra and he couldn't wait to get his longhaired, golden Angel home. He sighed, "Well, in that case," he couldn't hold his smile back any longer, "take me home and fuck me." Ezra got in to the jeep and put his sunglasses on while Vin started the jeep.

He rested his head back enjoying the feel of the sun on him after being in the sterile Pit of Hell for three days, because of the attack.

He had put the attack under lock and key in the very back of his mind. He knew Vin wanted him to talk, but he just couldn't. It brought up to many insecurities and he just wanted to forget it had ever happen. He could still hear the slurs and feel the pain of each blow, but that's not what was bothering him. The threat against Vin's life. That terrified him beyond belief. He loved the man so much and knew that he would not survive if he was killed and especially if it was because of him. He was brought out of his thoughts when Vin took hold of his hand gently.

Vin was worried about Ez. He was never this quite unless he was worrin' about something. He knew it was about the attack, but couldn't get him to talk about it. He gently massaged the back of Ezra's hand, wanting Ezra to know he was here for him. He was hoping he wouldn't have to force the issue.

Vin asked as he walked to their bedroom, "Tired? You want to rest while I get us somethin' ta eat." He had just put the bag down and turned around. He saw Ezra leaning against the door, his shirt hanging open revealing the chiseled chest. His eyes slowly raised and he gazed into the flaming deep green pools of his beautiful conman. He saw the undisguised lust and a glint of mischief as Ezra slowly ran his hands down his chest, stopping at a nipple, pinching and rolling the hardening nub between his fingers, repeating the same process on it's mate. Vin couldn't tear his eyes from the hand as it made its way, oh so slowly, down to the button of his pants and undid it, moving to the zipper that covered the hard bulge. Vin was breathless, his cock pressed against his now painfully binding jeans. Ezra's hand stopped and Vin raised his hungry blue eyes to equally hungry green ones.

"Mr. Tanner, I believe we have yet to discuss the payment for your silence." Vin stalked gracefully, with a predatory gleam in his eye, towards Ezra.

"Nothing to discuss, Spirit. My payment is you." Ezra moan as Vin slid his hands around his waist and pulled him close, bring his lips within a hairs breath of Ezra's. "I want to feel your heat surrounding me. To hear my name on your lips, as you come." Ezra closed the gap, and took Vin's lips in a searing passionate kiss. Vin made his way to the bed, taking his lover with him. When he reached the bed he turned so he could lower Ezra onto the bed, never breaking the deeply intense kiss.

Ezra moaned into Vin's mouth as he felt hands take hold of his achingly hard manhood. Breaking the kiss, he said, "Take me now, Vin. I need to feel you inside me."

"Nuh uh, this is for my silence, remember? You are mine to do with as I please and I plan on takin' my time." Vin whispered huskily in his ear and then traced the shell of it with his tongue. He nipped at the lobe then taking it and sucking on it and he lightly ran his fingers over his southerner's still covered cock. Vin kissed his way down to his nipple. Scraping it with his teeth, then licking and sucking until it was red and tender. Ezra was thrashing and growling so Vin took pity on him and released his weeping manhood. He licked at the pearl drop's, tasting his Heart's essence.

Ezra hissed at the feel of the hot mouth that engulfed him. His hips jerked involuntary, trying to go deeper into the heavenly sensation. Vin held him down with one hand while the other one squeezed and rolled his balls lightly, moving his fingers down he very slowly entered him, first one finger then another. Moving them in and out of the withering body that he held at his mercy.

Vin opened his throat, to take all of the hard cock down. Ezra was so lost in the pleasure that Vin was creating, that his orgasm hit him unexpected. Ezra screamed out his lover's name, "Viiinnnn." He laid there gasping for breath as Vin milked him for every last drop, then moved up his body and took his lips in a white-hot flaming kiss. Ezra could taste himself and Vin's own unique flavor, which caused his cock to attempt stir to life, again. They broke apart when breathing became a necessity. "God, I'm glad to have ya home," Vin said as he brushed the silky brown hair of his gambler's forehead. He gently bent down and captured the soft lips, his intent being for a simple sweet kiss, but Ezra had other ideas.

Ezra knew Vin was still afraid he might cause him undo pain and had once again planned on just giving him pleasure, but that was not going to happen again. He was no longer a resident of the local Pit of Hell and not being constantly drugged. Yes, he had a broken arm, but nothing else was broken and he wanted Vin inside of him. He had no problem in admitting he was selfish, he wanted Vin in him, and now. So, he intended to break his generous, unselfish lover's control. He put his hand on the back of his tracker's neck, deepening and taking control of the kiss. He plundered the sweet tasting Texan's mouth. Exploring every inch of it. He heard Vin moan and increased the pressure on his neck when he tried to pull away. Ezra felt Vin's control slipping when he started to thrust to the same rhythm he was using on his tongue. He released the growling sharpshooter, when he was sure he had pushed him far enough over the edge. He looked up into normally sky blue eyes gone dark and dilated, in their desire and lust. The emotion in his soulmate's eyes took his breath away. Stark and hungry in their need.

Vin had been able to control himself for three days; he hadn't wanted to hurt his lover. He wanted to give him love, comfort and reassurance after the attack. Now that he was home he wanted to wait, at least until he was sure he wasn't going to hurt him.

He'd barely been in control when he started the soft kiss, and he hadn't expected his conman to take possession of him like this. He looked into those emerald pools filled with love, understanding and determination. Growling Vin took Ezra in an all-consuming kiss. He broke it to reach for the massage oil on the night table. He inserted an oil-slicked finger into Ezra, causing him to whimper at the pleasure it brought. Vin once again ravaged his mouth, as he continued to stretch him. Vin broke the kiss. He looked down into his lover's eyes, running his hand up the injured arm; he gently moved it above Ezra's head. Ezra raised his legs up to his chest, opening himself to his lover. He closed his eyes as he felt Vin enter him. He moaned at finally having his Angel in him. Vin's strokes were long, slow, and deep. Vin made sure he hit the little nub in his lover, with each thrust. He was so close, but he wanted to take Ezra with him. He felt Ezra's muscles clinch around him as he started to shoot his hot seed into his channel. Both calling out their mate's name as they both reached completion.

Vin collapsed onto Ezra, both gasping for breath. After a moment Vin moved off him, so they could get comfortable under the blankets. Vin spooned up behind his conman, holding him tight he asked, "Did I hurt you, Spirit." Ezra turned to look over his shoulder at the beautiful man that held his heart, "You did not hurt me, Angel. You don't have it in you. I know you're concerned that you might hurt me, but you had better not hold back, again. I needed to feel you in me, more than I needed you to be careful. Understand?" Vin smiled back saying, "I understand Spirit. No promises." With that they shared a sensuous kiss and feel asleep in each other's arms.

+ + + + + + +

Hours later Vin woke up alone. He got out of bed and dressed, to go find his lover. Ezra sat on the couch watching the sun go down through the sliding glass doors. Vin studied his soulmate, trying to think of a way to bring up the subject of the attack. They needed to talk about it.

It seemed that Ezra had read his mind. "If anything had happened to you, because of me, I could not live with myself. I was terrified when they threatened your cover. I didn't want to wake and find you dead."

Vin sat down and took Ezra's hand, making soothing circles in the palm, and waited. "I don't no what to say. Other than, I love you more than anything in this world and in the next. What they did almost cost me everything. They almost won. I almost gave in." He looked into the intense sky blue eyes, "But almost isn't enough to give up on something you love. I was reminded that I have family to help us, to protect us. Angel you have given me more to believe in, then I have ever had. You've also taught me to believe in our family." He stopped seeing the love shining out of his Angel's eyes.

Vin had to swallow around the lump in his throat. His voice husky with emotion, "Spirit, you can always believe in me. I love too much ta let ya go without a fight, and there is no way the others would either. Just never stop believing, Spirit, never." With that Vin pulled Ezra up and led him to the bedroom to show him just how much there was to believe in.


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