Between A Wink And An Earthquake
(Old West)

by Cyc

Chris wasn't sure exactly when he had started playing chess with Johnny Frobisher, but it got to be that every second afternoon or so the boy was hanging around, looking for a game... or just looking. Even though Chris was well aware of the boy watching him, he paid it no heed. In a small town, folks needed something to do, he guessed. The thing that bothered him about Johnny Frobisher was the fact that he never saw the boy with anyone his own age. At around a year or two older than JD, there were more than a few people his own age around town that he could be making friends with. But, on the whole, Chris never gave Johnny Frobisher much thought -- at least not until Vin had mentioned him yesterday.

It hadn't been much. He and Vin were just sitting at the table on the boardwalk playing cards when Vin mentioned something about feeling like he was 'being stalked by a Jack Rabbit'. When Chris had frowned up from his cards, Vin had nodded over to where the Frobisher boy stood watching them from across the street.

"He ain't doing no harm," Chris had said with barely a glance at the boy.

"Yeah, well I wish he'd go and do it somewheres else," Vin had returned sourly.

When Chris had looked across the street again, the boy was already walking off in the opposite direction so he never gave Vin's uneasiness anymore thought -- until later that night.

Even though he was in the mood for company that night, Ezra was busy skinning a trio of insurance salesmen so Chris had went back to his cabin alone. Despite getting used to the feel of Ezra beside him, he'd ended up sleeping through the night until early morning. His dreams had been unremarkable save for the one about Johnny Frobisher that came to him in his last few hours of sleep.

The dream was one of those cluttered, fragmented ones that made no sense upon waking, but he clearly remembered the Frobisher boy running after him, getting on his knees and begging him to do something. When Chris had tried to pull the boy up, Johnny had wrapped his arms around Chris' right thigh and refused to move. It was only then Chris heard clearly that the boy was begging to be taught how to shoot.

Annoyed, Chris had tried to shake the boy off but he was stuck faster than molasses in wintertime. Just as Chris was getting ready to push the kid off him for sure, the kneeling figure of Johnny Frobisher suddenly transformed into Ezra. A very naked Ezra who was intent on freeing Chris' rapidly hardening cock from its cloth confines.

In the dream, Chris had stood a little unsteadily, a light-headed while Ezra had licked the length of his cock before sucking it deeply into his mouth. In the dream, Chris had loved the feel of Ezra's slick heat pushing him to orgasm more intensely than any whore could -- and it was that last thought that had started him awake.

He didn't have much to do around the cabin that morning, but he didn't feel like going into town early either so he had kept his mind busy by completing all the little chores he had been putting off. It had worked right up until he had sat down for a cup of coffee and a couple of apple dumplings around noon. It was then that damn dream came back to haunt him so strongly that he had almost felt Ezra's clever tongue on him even as he sat alone on his porch.

Irritated, he had ignored the sudden heat in his groin, finished lunch and headed into town.

Throughout the short ride, his mind had kept drifting back to the dream, showing him those naked images of Ezra acting like a whore. It had annoyed the hell out of him then and it was still annoying him now as he sat on his chair by the boardwalk table scowling across at Johnny Frobisher. Even though he knew his dreams weren't the kid's fault, he was in such a bad mood that he couldn't be bothered hiding his temper. In fact, he was so pre-occupied with his thoughts that he didn't notice the approach of their subject until the man in question was just a few strides away.

"My, my, aren't we looking grim today?" Ezra said brightly as he sat down at the opposite side of the table. When Chris didn't respond, Ezra looked across the street to where the Frobisher boy was walking quickly away. "And you've scared off your not-so-secret admirer too. For shame, Mr Larabee." He leaned back in his chair and grinned.

Chris met his gaze wryly. "How much did you win?"

"Now, now, a gentlemen never gloats." Ezra shook his head solemnly -- then grinned wickedly. "But sinnce I'd only be relating the facts as they occurred..."

Ezra went on to tell the tale of his night's success at the poker table with an infectious enthusiasm. While Chris usually liked letting Ezra's colourful witticisms wash over him, he couldn't get that dream image of Ezra on his knees out of his head. Even with the real Ezra sitting across from him trying so hard to charm him out of his bad humour, Chris couldn't keep that vision of Ezra sucking his cock out of his mind. The worse thing was that although he wasn't ashamed of anything they did together, he knew he didn't think of Ezra like that. Seeing him here now only confirmed his feelings. That's what made those visions so damn irritating. Angry embarrassment bit hard as he recalled his one experimental attempt to mouth Ezra. He didn't want Ezra on his knees if it made him feel like a whore... but what if it didn't?

Just as it occurred to Chris that he couldn't ask Ezra to do anything he wasn't willing to do himself, he noticed that Ezra had stopped talking. Anyone who didn't know Ezra might have thought that upon noticing Chris wasn't paying attention, he had decided not to waste his breath. But Chris saw the slight frown of confusion, read the uneasiness in his posture and knew Ezra was trying to work out what he had missed.

"Yes, a fine night was had by all," Ezra summed up with a smile before meeting Chris' gaze pointedly. "I trust you slept well?"

"Fine." Chris turned his attention away from Ezra to watch Buck walk down the street with a pretty young woman he didn't recognise. "You seen her before?"

"I-- uh," Ezra stuttered and Chris looked back to find Ezra's gaze blinking away from him. "I believe she's staying with the Kaplans. Their niece visiting from Prescott," he said before smoothly meeting Chris' eye once more.

Chris couldn't help the smile tugging at his lips. "How come you know that?"

"Let's just say that I don't believe there is any news in town that can be kept from Miss Bourland for long."

"The seamstress?" Chris frowned, wondering what Ezra was adding to his wardrobe now. How many sets of clothes did one man need?

"Indeed." Ezra nodded. "And it looks like Buck has found another friendly harbour."

"You could put it that way." Chris looked around to see Buck and the Kaplans' niece disappear into the hotel restaurant.

"I would be distressed to hear if my absence last night disturbed your rest in any way," Ezra said and Chris looked back to find him frowning down at the table. "If that were the case, I'd be only too pleased to make any reparations you saw fit tonight?" He met Chris' gaze with a grin.

Chris smiled back at him. "Why wait until tonight."


By the time Ezra rode up outside, Chris had not only washed himself down for the second time that day but had also gotten the cabin to look as clean as possible too. He had no idea as to why he wanted to put in the extra effort, it wasn't as if the place was usually a pigsty, but in the few hours it would take before Ezra could join him it seemed like the right thing to do. He had just poured two shots of whisky and was sitting down on the stove side of the table, when Ezra came through the doorway heralded by a streak of late afternoon sun.

Mildly surprised when Ezra just hung up his hat and coat then came over to stand by the table without so much as a word of greeting, Chris just handed Ezra a shot of whisky before drinking his own down. When Chris returned his empty glass to the table, he looked up to find Ezra still holding his, considering both the whisky and Chris in equal measures. Just as Chris thought Ezra was going to refuse the drink, he raised the glass to his lips and let the whisky slide down his throat in two long, savouring swallows.

Ignoring his sudden rush of arousal, Chris stood up to face Ezra then kissed him softly on the lips. Not wanting to deepen the kiss, yet needing to keep the intimacy, he moved his mouth along Ezra's jaw to kiss his cheek while taking him into a firm embrace. It was a few long seconds before Ezra wrapped his arms around him in return. Despite Ezra's slightly awkward hold due to the fact he still had a whisky glass in one hand, Chris soaked up the strength and feel of having Ezra's body pressed against his own purely for the warmth of being there.

They held each other tightly for what seemed like a very long time. Eventually, Chris eased away with another kiss on Ezra's cheek to look him in the eye. Ezra met Chris' gaze with an unguarded expression that would have been so easy to get lost in if not for the demanding kiss that quickly followed. As the sweet taste of Ezra's tongue plundered his mouth, Chris pulled Ezra hard against him, this time making sure Ezra's stirring erection got plenty of stimulation as he manoeuvred them both towards the bed.

Keeping up with the deepening kisses, Chris undressed Ezra with single intent. He soon had Ezra stripped to the waist and was pushing down his remaining clothes to expose his rapidly hardening cock even before his own shirt had been successfully negotiated from his back. With a moan of complaint into another kiss, Ezra took a firm hold of Chris' face and sat down on the edge of the bed, forcing Chris to bend over and keep kissing as they both kicked off their boots. Ezra then wriggled out of his remaining garments while stripping Chris to the waist. However, before Ezra could undress him any further, Chris pushed Ezra back onto the mattress and pinned him there with a series of gentling kisses.

As Ezra settled in, making himself more comfortable on the bed, Chris started trailing kisses down Ezra's throat and over his collarbones. With Ezra's hands caressing up his back, neck and into his hair, Chris started kissing and licking his way down Ezra's body, revelling in the taste of the flushed skin that trembled beneath his tongue. He could feel Ezra's eager cock brushing against him as he moved closer to it but he took his time getting there. Mouthing a course that took him over Ezra's stomach to suck the point of his hipbone, Chris only took a light hold of Ezra's cock in one hand after he'd thoroughly kissed the soft skin of the tense thighs it sat between.

Even at that slight touch, Ezra's back arched and Chris knew he could make him come in just a few strokes -- but that wasn't the plan. He fingered the length of Ezra's erection, feeling the way the veins throbbed beneath his touch, watching as a drop of liquid eased out of the tip. Without stopping to think, he closed his eyes and licked it.

Ezra arched so violently he almost knocked Chris off the bed. "Lord in heaven," he gasped when he'd caught his breath.

Not stopping to meet the surprised green gaze he knew was on him, Chris ran his tongue down the underside of Ezra's erection. As Ezra shuddered, growling something too low to hear, Chris placed a kiss on the base of his cock before mouthing a hot, sucking trail back up its length. With Ezra's thighs trembling constantly as his orgasm approached, Chris used one hand to cup the heavy heat of his balls before finally meeting his gaze.

The green of Ezra's eyes had almost disappeared in the dark depths of his arousal, but the little that remained seemed to stand out in brilliant contrast to the black. Ezra's mouth was slightly open as he panted quick breaths and Chris waited, wondering if he was going to say something... but then the moment passed. Still holding Ezra's gaze, Chris kissed the tip of Ezra's cock before sliding as much as he could inside his mouth. Ezra's eyes fluttered closed and Chris waited until they reopened before easing his lips back up to the head of Ezra's cock and sucking as hard as he could.

Ezra's head fell back and his hips jerked up, pushing his cock so deep into Chris' mouth that he had to fight the urge to gag. A moment later, the first spurt of come hit Chris' tongue and he knew he had to swallow quickly or withdraw. Withdrawing wasn't his style. Determined to finish what he started, Chris closed his eyes and swallowed Ezra's come right down to the last drop. He couldn't remember Ezra coming so hard or for so long before. By the time he was able to let Ezra's sated cock slip free, his jaw was aching and his lips felt pulpy and swollen. He wanted a glass of whisky badly.

Ezra had other ideas.

As soon as Chris leaned away from his groin area, Ezra moved quickly up to kneel in front of Chris and take his mouth in a penetrating kiss. Chris' erection, which had long since started to flag, perked up again when Ezra's hand caressed it firmly through his clothes. Although a good swig of whisky was still on Chris' mind, it retired to the back of his thoughts as Ezra pushed him down on the mattress.

"Stay," Ezra said between kisses. "No matter what, stay."

At Chris' nod, Ezra grinned and moved off down the mattress. Chris assumed Ezra was just going to pull off the rest his clothes, and he did -- eventually. But, damn, did he not take his own sweet time doing it. At first, Ezra's tongue seemed to lick around Chris' waistband for an eternity before his aching cock was finally freed into the cool air. Then Ezra's clever mouth followed the trail of Chris' retreating clothes, down the join of his hip, over his thigh to his knee. Just as Chris was thinking about saying something, Ezra nipped the inside of his knee. It didn't hurt that much but it sent another rush of arousal straight to his already straining cock.

While Chris scowled, suspecting Ezra was trying to do him some permanent damage, Ezra removed the remainder of Chris' clothes then kissed his way back up Chris' legs oblivious to any ill feeling. Just as Chris was deciding he was too old for this kind of drawn out foreplay, Ezra grabbed his cock in one hand and squeezed. Chris lost his breath and barely noticed Ezra nudging up one of his legs. It seemed to make perfect sense when Ezra passed an arm underneath Chris' upraised thigh to pump on his cock harder with an outside reach while teasing his balls with the other hand. Chris soon felt the first tingles of an approaching orgasm -- but Ezra wasn't finished yet. Before Chris' body could tighten for its final release, Ezra slowed the strokes on Chris' cock so he merely gasped breathlessly and shuddered.

On the edge of a foiled orgasm, tired, sweaty and panting like an old hunting dog, Chris was losing his temper. The situation could have turned nasty if Ezra hadn't chosen that precise moment to swallow Chris' cock almost to the base. Even while lost in the deliciously slick heat of Ezra's mouth, Chris' mind couldn't help registering the thought that Ezra was too well practiced at this. But the flash of jealousy that followed soon faded as Ezra worked up and down the length of his cock with an intensity that couldn't be matched. When Ezra wrapped a few fingers around the base of Chris' cock and squeezed, Chris knew he was close to coming again. As Ezra's other hand set to work teasing and pressing his balls, Chris' body tightened that extra notch. But then Ezra's teasing hand wandered lower and there was a pressure against his hole that made his arousal suddenly wane.

Despite his belief that he couldn't ask Ezra to do anything he wasn't prepared to do himself, Chris knew he didn't want to be fucked. He didn't like the idea of having a cock up his ass -- even if the cock in question was Ezra's.

Even though Ezra's mouth continued to work his cock and his feeling of arousal was beginning to grow again, Chris knew he wouldn't come with that unsettling pressure against his hole.

What was it? A finger? A knuckle? Damn, was it easing in a little more?

A note of panic tinged his thoughts but as soon as he recognised it for what it was, he sent it back to wherever it had came from. Ezra wouldn't hurt him; he'd stop if asked to.

Only Chris didn't want to ask. Such a request stank of cowardice and hypocrisy and he refused to entertain it. But then the finger, Chris was pretty sure it was a finger, moved a little deeper inside him and he knew he really did not want to get fucked. However, if Ezra had just come, and come hard too, surely he wouldn't be able to fuck so soon? Holding onto this thought, Chris wriggled his upper body over a little to see if Ezra was anywhere near hard again. He'd no sooner discovered that Ezra's cock was only semi-erect at best, when Ezra noticed his movements and sat up to speak.

"Something wrong?" he asked hoarsely, moving both hands around Chris' cock before squeezing it in a well practiced stroke that had Chris' hips jerking up in time. A few rapid heartbeats later, Chris lost his breath, his body tightened, and he came hard with Ezra swallowing his come.

As the warm waves of orgasm ebbed away, Chris felt Ezra kiss his cock before moving up the bed to lie beside him. He noticed then for the first time that Ezra looked tired too and wasted no time pulling him into a lazy embrace.

"Your jaw sore?" he asked low, stroking his fingers down Ezra's cheek.

"Now you mention it." Ezra rubbed his jaw ruefully before frowning at Chris. "It did seem to take a tad longer than envisioned." He waited a few seconds as if expecting Chris to say something before going on. "'Stay' does not mean 'glue your teeth together', Chris. A little direction would have--"

"I need a drink." Chris eased away from Ezra to roll off the bed and head back towards the table. On his way, he picked up the glass Ezra must have dropped on the floor earlier and was surprised to find it in one piece.

He was sitting in his favourite chair by the stove, drinking out of Ezra's discarded glass, when Ezra came through to sit in the chair on the opposite side of the table. Like Chris himself, Ezra hadn't bothered to put on any clothes, he just poured himself a whisky and sat back in his chair as if drinking whisky at a kitchen table while stark naked was a perfectly acceptable pastime.

They drank in silence. Chris refilled his glass twice while Ezra refilled his only once.

After drinking down his second glassful, Ezra nodded as if he had just decided something. "Fine, so we go back to what we were doing before. No great loss." He poured himself another shot and almost missed Chris' scowl. "What's wrong now?"

"You always give up that easy?"

Ezra blinked at him. "When it's prudent to do so, yes."

Chris considered the whisky in his glass. "I want your mouth on me. That's why I did this."

"Well, I'm gratified to hear that," Ezra said and Chris looked over to see him smile. "Anything else would have meant mental infirmity."

"I bet." Chris sipped his whisky.

"So," Ezra sighed. "To save me contracting a permanent case of jaw ache, what didn't you like?" While Chris considered his answer, Ezra went on. "I tried to read you but you were so damn tense the entire time I couldn't tell what you were thinking."

"I didn't like it inside me," Chris said, trying not to growl. "But I'll let you fuck me if you want to."

Ezra stared at him for a moment before replying sarcastically, "Well there's an offer I can't refuse."

"You've thought about," Chris returned sharply.

"Of course I've thought about it," Ezra snapped back. "But I want you to want me to."

Chris drank down the last of his whisky. "I know."

Ezra toyed with his own empty glass. "Just because I enjoy certain sensations, it doesn't mean that you should."

Chris watched Ezra finger his glass. "But you want to fuck me?"

"I won't deny it." Ezra picked up the bottle to pour them both another shot. "To tell the truth, sometimes I can't imagine who wouldn't."

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