Cold Case
(Cold Case)

by BML Hillen-Keene

i. Episode 1: A Gift Or A Curse After spending three months in a drunken haze after the death of his wife and child in a fire he can't prove to be arson, Chris Larabee is going back to work. But being sober isn't all it's cracked up to be.
ii. Episode 2 Coming later.
iii. Episode 3 Coming later.
iv. Episode 4: Revealing The Truth -- Part 1 Chris is hurtling straight into trouble on a murder investigation; it's up to Ezra to get him out of it.
v. Episode 5: Revealing The Truth -- Part 2 Chris is dying. Can Ezra really summon the cavalry in time? And just how does he plan to do it? And how can Vin keep Chris in the 'land of the living'? Secrets revealed. The past uncovered. Second part of a Double Bill.
vi. Episode 6: Unspeakable When a murderer dies in prison his journal leads the police to believe he had an accomplice. But communing with the murderer may prove fatal for Ezra.

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