After Dinner
Part of the Acceptance series

by Silver

Disclaimer: They are all mine, but I'll share. A Girl can dream can't she? They don't belong to me, damn, never will. Not making any money and it was just for fun. The ATF Universe belongs to Mog. The saint that she is allows us to play in it. Laying it on too thick?
Note: Remember not versed in Ezra Speak. Thanks to Kris for the beta.....and making me post this story.

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The two men were leaving the restaurant. One, tall and lanky with long hair and piercing blue eyes. His partner was smaller and his muscular body was hidden under his expensive suit, his green eyes seeing everything around them. He was trying not to contemplate his good fortune at finding the Angel next to him. His beautiful Angel, soon to be lover, he was afraid of waking up and finding this was all a bittersweet dream.

As he was unlocking the car door, he was grabbed and gently pushed against the car. The tracker leaned his hard body flush with the one in front of him. The man against the car couldn't control the gasp or the shiver at the feel of the man's hard shaft rocking against his ass. A soft Texas accent asked, "Ez, does this feel like a dream? Tell me, baby, does this feel like a dream rockin' against you?" Ezra groaned and was turned around. "Let me take you home and prove how real I am. I want to touch and taste you all over." Vin took the conman's lips in a sweet gentle kiss, slowly deepening it, slowly rubbing his tongue against the hot slick one of the gambler's. They were slowly rocking against each other.

Ezra whimpered and Vin groaned as he pulled away, "I don't want our first time to be like this. Let's go." Ezra revved the motor and pulled out of the parking lot. They broke several traffic laws getting to Ezra's condo. Ezra, unlocking the door. barley had time to shut it before he was attacked by a growling and aggressive Vin. All Ezra could do was hold on as his mouth was plundered and roaming hands had him stripped of his coat, shirt and were starting on his pants. Ezra was also down to Vin's jeans. Panting, they parted to breathe.

Ezra grabbed Vin's hand and lead him to the bedroom, kissing and touching all the way. Once there, they quickly stripped what was left of their clothing. Vin gently pushed the handsome southerner onto the bed, then he pulled back to look at the man laid out before him.

Ezra thought Vin had changed his mind, and his wall slammed back in place. "Mister Tanner if you have changed..." Ezra never got any further, before he was faced with a very angry Vin.

"Ezra, I didn't change my mind, you are my soulmate, I love you. I know you've been hurt, but I want this. I want us." With that Vin took Ezra's mouth and devoured it. The passion became white-hot in its intensity. They could no longer control themselves, so they gave in to their bodies. Rocking their hard cocks together, their sweat and pre-cum causing more friction between them.

Suddenly, they were both cumming. Breathing hard, they pulled apart looking at the love in each other's eyes. Ezra found his voice first, "God Vin, how the hell did we miss this?"

Vin chuckled, "I don't know Ez, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love you, baby. Let's take a shower." Vin pulled Ezra up and into the bathroom. He adjusted the water temperature and led Ezra into the shower stall. Putting him in front of himself, Vin adjusted the water jets to a slow, soft message, then aimed them at Ezra's sensitized cock. Then grabbing the liquid soap, started a slow message on his back and then working on the firm ass, kneading the muscles. Ezra could only moan and gasp at the wonderful sensations Vin was causing. He was harder than he ever thought possible and growing harder. "Vin, Please?"

Vin knew what Ezra was asking but wanted to hear it, "What, baby, tell me what ya want?" The soft Texas accent driving Ezra even further over the edge.

"Vin, take me, now."

Vin growled at that and licking at Ezra's ear said, "Anything, love, anything." Vin took more soap and coated his fingers, slowly he entered one finger and felt the passage tighten then relax. He then inserted a second finger, causing Ezra to moan at the feel, then Vin inserted the third finger scissoring it, as Ezra fucked himself on the fingers and moaned. Vin used his free hand to coat his hard aching cock. Ezra whimpered at the loss of the fingers, but gasped when he felt the hard steel of Vin at his hidden place. Vin was slowly entering Ezra, but Ezra had other ideas and impaled himself on Vin. They both groaned at the feel of connecting with their heart mate, in the most perfect and sweet way. Adjusting positions, Vin started to move in long and slow strokes. Ezra was having a trouble standing as the onslaught of sensations were driving him mad. Vin sensing this reached around and garbed Ezra weeping manhood and finding his prostate, hearing Ezra howl at the contact, he picked his rhythm up.

Ezra came first, screaming Vin's name, spraying his seed against the wall. Feeling Ezra's muscles contracting, Vin bit down on Ezra's neck and growling sent his seed bursting forth into his lover's hot canal. Supporting Ezra, Vin sank to the shower floor. Ezra leaned his head back onto Vin's shoulder, not able to form a coherent thought.

Finally they got up and dried each other off. Seeing his mark on the man who held his heart, looking into Ezra's eyes , Vin said, "I've marked you and now you are mine, Love. Forever." Being speechless at having someone love him that much, to want to posses him like this, all Ezra could do was nod. Vin could see the turmoil in his beautiful green eyes, and led him to the bed and climbed in with him. Pulling the comforter over their naked bodies, he spooned up behind Ezra, pulling him close. Upon seeing his mark once again, he leaned over and gently licked it, and feeling the man shiver placed a kiss on it.

"I love you Angel, more than life itself," said Ezra in a soft southern drawl.

Vin hearing the emotion in the voice responded by tightening his hold on this precious man, vowing to let no harm come to him, said in an equally soft voice "I love you, too, Ez. Just remember you're mine 'til the end of time." With that the two lovers feel asleep knowing that they had found the other half of their soul.


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