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It had been over three months since he and Vin had become lovers. The only people who knew were the men of Team 7. They had all been totally accepting and genially happy for them. Being in law enforcement they had been extremely careful. All of Team 7 protected them and their secret fiercely. There were rumors and speculation on the two, but no one dared to go against 'The Magnificent Seven,' that's what the rest of the ATF teams called them, and they had the reputation and sheer determination to back it up. Not to mention they were a family, and you didn't mess with family, especially theirs.

He had received a tip to meet an informant on Pier 9, for information on the current case, the one that his lover had been undercover on for the last week and a half. God, he missed Vin. He was hoping that this information would bring him home faster. He had been so lost in his thoughts, that he didn't realize that three thugs had snuck up on him, until too late.

"Hey fag boy, we don't want your kind around."

Ezra cursed himself for letting his guard down. "What would you gentlemen, and I do use the term loosely, be referring to?" He took inventory of the men. One was tall and stalky, he had a bat in his had. Not a good sign. The other two were of medium height and built like linebackers. One holding a taser gun. The other a metal baseball bat. He knew he didn't stand a chance against them. He was hoping he could talk his way out of this. Not likely, but hopefully.

He had tried to dodge the tasers, but they got him. He felt the electricity course painfully through his body. He felt each blow that they delivered to his body. He heard all the names they called him and worse of all he heard them threaten Vin's undercover identity, if he did not leave in three days.

"We don't want your kind working with us, or to contaminate the best ATF Team. Tanner is a good man, you just mislead him and confused him, will fix that. But you are to be gone, if you don't want his indiscretion broadcast all over the law enforcement community." The last conscience thought he had was Vin was in danger because of him.

+ + + + + + +

Vin Tanner screeched to a halt in front of the hospital. 'God, please let him be all right. I can't loose him now, not now, God please!?!' Chris had been waiting for Vin in the lobby. Vin went straight to Chris. "What happened?"

"Vin you need to calm down first." Vin tried to push past him, but Chris grabbed his arm, "Vin, it was a gay bashing."

That stopped Vin cold. When he did look at Chris, his eye's had a feral and hard, unforgiving glint in them, his voice a soft deadly drawl, "Did they get them?"

The look caused a shiver to run down Chris's spine. He took a deep breath, "Vin they were from the new team, from the Atlanta office. They knew the rumors concerning Ez and his transfer, and set this up. Being new, they didn't know that pier 9 was under surveillance, for a possible drug drop. Team 3 was covering. Dan even managed to get it on video and voice recorded the whole thing, up until they got down there and arrested them and got Ez to the hospital. Vin, he won't respond to any of us. The doctor said there was no reason he shouldn't be awake." As they rode up in the elevator, he added, "Vin they told him that if he didn't leave town they would break your cover. Doctor thinks he may be so afraid for you that he is afraid to regain consciousness to find you're already dead."

Vin was about to go ballistic, over the attack. He had barely keep his temper under control, but this was the last straw. Ez, trying to protect him like this. "Like Hell, I'll find away to get to him. Those bastards better never get out, Chris, because I will kill them. Right know I need to see Ez."

Chris led the way to Ezra's room. Vin found the rest of their unique Family in the room with Ezra. All pulled their weapons at the entrance of someone, still feeling the after effects of the attack on their brother. They reholstered their weapons and looked at Vin.

Vin had never taken his eyes from the still and battered body of his heart, and couldn't hold back the tears any longer. The men left the two lovers alone. They pulled chairs around the outside of the door. Making an effective barrier between their Family and the rest of the world. No one would hurt them any more today. The staff well aquatinted with Team 7, stayed clear.

Vin approached the bed and held the hand of his much battered and bruised lover. Vin could see he had a broken arm and a concussion. There was no telling what injuries he had that he couldn't see.

"Ez, please wake up. I need to know you're going to be all right." He softly brushed the conman's hair from his face. "Baby, I'm here and I'm safe. The bastards are in jail. Com'on Ez, please? Ya did promise not ta leave me. I know you always keep your promises." He leaned over and softly brushed his lips against the southerner's. He felt Ezra stir, "That's it Baby. Open your eyes, Ez." Ezra moaned and opened his eyes and looked into his soulmates sky blue eyes. He started to struggle, but Vin easily pinned his shoulder down, "Ezra, calm down."

Ezra didn't have any choice, he was too weak. He tried to speak but his mouth was too dry. When Vin was sure he was going to stay put, he brought Ezra some water. Ezra smiled, "Thank you, Angel." The light left his eyes as he remembered what happened, "Vin the men who did these ar...."

Vin put his fingers on the sweet lips and said, "Ez, they caught them. Pier 9 was still under surveillance. They caught the whole thing on tape." Ezra turned his head at this, as tears started to run freely.

Vin would have none of that. He gently but firmly turned Ezra's face to him. "Baby, look at me, please?" Ezra still wouldn't look at him. Vin framed his face with his strong loving hands, and started kissing him. It was a soft sensual kiss. When he heard Ezra's moan he pulled back, which made Ezra whimper, "Ezra." Green eyes met blue, "I love you and I want everyone to know that. It will be hard, but have faith in me, in yourself, in us. We can make it."

"Ezra, have faith in the Team." The two had not noticed the rest of the men that had entered. "We'll be here for you both. But Ezra most of all have faith in your family." Chris then said, "The doctor needs to check you out, he said it wouldn't take long." Both men nodded and he sent JD to get him. Ezra looked at Vin, thanking God, once again, for his Angel, and for the men he now called family.

The doctor entered the room, happy to see the young agent awake. He approached his patient, noticing the long haired man next to him and looked him in the eye. A shiver ran down his spine, he saw the feral look with a dangerous warning and promise of retribution, if he caused any harm to his mate. He knew that the men were lovers. Larabee had wanted to know if this would be a problem and if it was then they wanted someone different. He had assured him it wouldn't, because he, himself was in a same sex relationship. He also assured the agent that he would never reveal this to anyone as he put it under Doctor/Patient confidentiality. Larabee had thanked him and also warned of how protective Vin truly was of Ezra. The man was quite fierce, when it came to Standish. He nodded to acknowledge that he understood and would be careful.

"Mr. Standish, how do you feel?" He held up his hand, to hold off the sarcastic remark, he knew would come. "Yes, I know stupid question, but indulge me." He started his exam, listening to what his patient said and to what he didn't. Team 7 was the worst, they even rivaled doctors, in being horrid patients. "OK, Mr. Standish, I'm going to hold you for a couple of days. No arguments. I just need to make sure that the swelling in your shoulder goes down and absolutely no escape attempts. Mr. Tanner I'm sure you can keep him in line."

At that Ezra sputtered and crossed his arms over his chest, "I can look after myself, thank you very much."

Everyone was having trouble not laughing.

"Mr. Standish, I'm not concerned about you looking after yourself. Just keeping your obnoxious southern butt in bed." With that all the men lost it.

Ezra looked at Vin with a raised eyebrow, "Et Tu, Angel."

Vin got himself under control. "Sorry Ez, couldn't be helped." Still grinning Vin looked at the doctor, "I'll make sure he stays."

The doctor nodded, "I'll be back tomorrow. Good night gentlemen."

After the doctor left, Ezra looked at the still laughing men. Buck said, "Hell Ez, your escape attempts are famous, I'm surprised they don't sell tickets to make money. Damn more entertaining than those stupid charity balls they hold."

JD still seeing the look on Ezra's face, "It's the truth Ez, so just build a bridge and get over it." They all groaned at JD's latest saying. Buck grabbing JD by the back of his neck and led the way out, after all of them said goodnight.

Vin had walked with Chris out, telling Ezra he needed to get a candy bar. Chris turned to him, "The doc said he gave explicit instructions, that you're not to be bothered. That if Ez needs something you'll call them. So ya'll can have privacy." Vin gave him a questioning look. Chris smiled knowing what he wanted to know, "He understands, said he'd feel the same way and wanted ya'll to have the same consideration as anyone else. As long as there are no attempts of escape, he doesn't care. He knows you'll take good care of him." Putting a hand on Vin's shoulder, he looked into his eyes, "Vin take care of Ez. Travis is taking care of the other. Now ya better get back before he does try to escape, ya know how much he hates this place. Almost as much as you." With that, he said good night and left.

When Vin came back he found his lover sleeping. He laid down next to his heartmate and spooned up to his back. Nuzzling his neck, he heard Ezra moan. "Mr. Tanner I suggest that you not start anything you do not intend to finish." He said, breathlessly, as Vin started to nibble his ears and started to suck on the lobes. "God Vin, I was terrified that they would get you killed."

Vin turned him over to lay on his back. Looking at the frightened liquid pools of green, "Ez, I'm sorry this happened. When Chris called me, my heart stopped. I was afraid I was going to lose you." With that Vin gave Ezra a bruising kiss that left no doubt as to how much he wanted and loved him. Vin, knowing no one would come in, he started down Ezra's neck. Licking and sucking every inch of his heart's neck, paying close attention to his sweet spot.

Ezra thought he was going to melt into the bed. "Oooohhh Viiiinnnn," he moaned. Vin knew his Heart was getting tired, so he moved straight to the hard shaft. Ezra gave a whimpering moan as Vin took him into his moist hot cavern. Vin swirled and sucked on the silky rod in his mouth. He didn't last long, when Vin opened his throat and took him down. Vin sucked every last drop of his lover's seed.

Moving back up to lay next to his soul, Vin cuddled Ezra to his chest, being careful of his injuries. "Go to sleep Baby, the sooner you're better, the sooner I can take ya home." He heard the even breathing that was coming from the beautiful man in his arms. "God, Ez, I can't live without you. You're my soul, you're the very air I breathe, You're my heart, soul, and spiritmate. I love you, my Spirit." With that he followed his mate into sleep. Having faith in them and their Family, they could get through anything.


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