(Meta 7)

by Cyc

i. Illusion Of Choice In a world where enhanced humans ('Metas' or 'Enhanced') are a small but feared and distrusted percentage of society, Ezra Standish, an illusionary telepath with preternatural charm, meets the six men who will change his life.
ii. Lost Rainbows And Other Fables Ezra considers his predicament.
iii. Down The Rabbit Hole Ezra in wonderland.
iv. House Of Cards (Part One): Setting Them Up The most important meal of the day has a few revelations.
v. House Of Cards (Part Two): Watching Them Fall Ezra risks all -- but was Chris charmed?
vi. The Economics Of Fear Some fears can be faced, but not all can be conquered.
vii. En Route Getting to know the Meta 7 boys 'en route'.

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