Invited And Accepted
Part of the Acceptance series

by Silver

Disclaimer: They don't belong to me. Never will. This was done for fun and no money was made. The ATF Universe belongs to Mog.
Note: I'm not well-versed in Ezra Speak, so forgive me.

It had been a long day. Paperwork, paperwork, oh, and let's not forget more paperwork. God, he hated paperwork. Not just for the general reasons, but because he had barely had time for high school. He had to work for his rent and food, while most kids only worried about who they were taking out on the weekend. So his writing was bad and his English and grammar, worse. Vin always did his reports before or after work. He still was embarrassed by it. So now at 7, he was finally leaving. Vin saw Ezra was still there at his desk. Vin stood in the doorway and watched the handsome undercover agent's long, elegant fingers fly across the keyboard. God what those fingers could do... Vin stopped that thought as he felt himself harden. "Hey, Ez, didn't know you were still here?"

Ezra looked at the tall, lean, beautiful tracker, leaning against his door, "Well, Mr. Tanner since you were so absorbed in your tedious portion of the job and I needed to conclude my portion also, I thought maybe I could interest you in dinner."

Vin smirked, "As long as you're buying."

Ezra said, "Of course, my invite, my treat."

Vin grabbed Ezra and gently nudged him to the elevator, "Great, I'm starved."

Half way down the elevator jerked to a stop. Vin being claustrophobic, started to panic "Oh shit. No." He started to hyperventilate.

Ezra saw this and being in love with the soft spoken Texan for two years, took charge. He approached Vin slowly, as not to crowd him, "Vin, I want you to look at me." Not getting a response, he framed Vin's face with his hands and spoke in his soft southern accent, "Vin, look at me." Vin turned wild sky blue eyes to meet vivid green ones. Ezra spoke softly, "That's it Vin concentrate on me." At this Ezra ran his thumb over Vin's bottom lip. Looking into Vin's eyes, he said "I have loved you forever, you're my very soul. I won't allow anything to hurt you."

Ezra suddenly found himself thrown against the wall of the elevator. Expecting to feel a blow to his face, he was shocked when he felt the soft, warm lips of the tracker. Ezra moaned when Vin sought entrance to his mouth and willingly gave it. The hot, slick tongues dueled for dominance. Vin growled, taking control and started tongue fucking the southerner's hot and lush mouth. Vin caught Ezra as his knees buckled at having his heart's desire causing all these sensations. They finally parted to breathe, both panting, "Damn, Ez, if I had known, I'd have tried to do this earlier. Jus' wish it hadn't taken the elevator getting stuck." The elevator jerked all of the sudden and started to move. Both men stood up straightening their clothes, meeting for one last passionate heart stopping kiss, before the elevator delivered them to the parking garage.

They reached Ezra's Jag and got in. As Ezra started the car, Vin reached over and grabbed Ezra's chin and gently turned his face towards him, "Ez, I've loved you just as long and strong as you have me. I want you to be my heart, my life, my soulmate. I love you, you're mine, Ez, all mine." Ezra couldn't believe this Angel wanted him, much less loved him. Seeing the tears in Ezra's eyes, Vin pulled Ez into a hard bruising kiss and growled, "Mine, Ez, forever mine." Seeing the still dazed expression, Vin grinned mischievously said, "So I guess this answers my question."

Ezra gave Vin a puzzled look "What question?"

Vin's grin only got bigger as he said, "If I'm going to put out after dinner." Ezra and Vin laughed as they drove out of the parking garage.

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