by Jade Standish

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Author's Notes: This was written for the fantasy lyric wheel.

Buck frowned as he approached his desk and noticed the gray catnip mouse sitting primly on top of his computer screen. He glanced over at JD, blue eyes narrowing as the younger agent studiously ignored him. He dropped gracefully into his chair, eyes still fixed on the innocent-looking mouse.

"JD, what is that stuffed rodent doing there?" His voice was deceptively calm, belying the tension he felt.

The computer expert shrugged. "I couldn't tell you, Buck. All I know is that it's supposed to be guaranteed to blow your mind, whatever that means."

A different kind of tension suddenly blossomed in his belly, and Buck lowered his head to hide the heat flaming his cheeks. He now knew exactly what the mouse was doing on his computer.

About a month earlier he had been in bed with Ezra and had absently mentioned to his lover that he reminded him of a big cat. The Southerner had smiled and asked if that meant that Buck fantasized about him with whiskers and a long tail. Buck had simply pressed a kiss to Ezra's lips and meowed.

Buck had forgotten about the conversation in the midst of preparation for his lover's next undercover assignment. Apparently, Ezra had not. The Southerner must have already had this planned since he had just returned the night before.

Buck was pulled from his musing as Vin ambled past his desk, a sly smile twisting his lips. The lean Texan hitched a hip onto the corner of the other agent's desk, one foot swinging back and forth. "Hey, Bucklin, I gotta message for ya."

He glanced up, immediately suspicious of the Texan's tone. "Well, spit it out, Junior."

The sharpshooter's grin widened. "Meow." He started to walk away but was pulled up short by a hand around his wrist. "What now, Bucklin?"

Buck felt an answering smile tugging at his own lips. "There any more to that message, Junior?"

Vin shook his head as he pulled his wrist free of the other agent's grip. "Nope, just meow."

The day passed slowly for Buck as the other agents continually passed along more messages, meowing at him. Even Josiah and Nathan got into the act by the time the day was half over. By two in the afternoon Buck was almost ready to start tearing his hair out, all of the reminders of what was waiting for him back at Ezra's townhouse leaving him tense.

Steady footfalls heading towards his desk had Buck ducking down behind his computer, finally tired of the game the others were playing. He glanced up when he heard a throat clearing, sighing in relief when he realized that it was Chris. He silently took in the crossed arms and the very familiar glare, hurriedly trying to figure out what he had apparently done wrong.

"Something the matter, Stud?"

The blond shook his head, his arms still crossed over his chest. "Head on out of here, Buck. You're so wound up you're making my head hurt."

The blue eyes lit up before a suspicious frown curled his lips. "What's the catch, Chris?"

Chris smiled slightly, finally uncrossing his arms and planting his hands on Buck's desk. "No catch, Buck. If you leave, my head should stop pounding. That's all there is to it." He started to turn away then glanced back over his shoulder, an evil grin twisting his lips. "Oh, I almost forgot. Meow."

Buck dropped his head to his desk, chuckling in disbelief. His lover constantly amazed him. Only Ezra could get all of Team Seven to walk around the office all day meowing. Then Chris's words finally registered and he bolted from his chair, determined to make it out of the office before the blond changed his mind.

Fifteen minutes later he was standing outside Ezra's townhouse, almost afraid to find out what his lover had in store for him. He finally knocked, the air leaving his lungs as the door opened to reveal Ezra. The Southerner was wearing a pair of tight black jeans and nothing else except for the delicate whiskers that had been painted across his cheeks.

Buck gasped as a positively sinful smile curved Ezra's lips and the green eyes lit with an inner fire. His mouth dropped open and the phrase that had been in the back of his mind all day finally passed his lips.

"As playful as a pussy cat."

Ezra stepped forward, nuzzling at Buck's throat instead of kissing him. Then he pulled back and flashed the other agent a saucy wink.



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