Mirror Image

by Jade Standish

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Several hours later, Chris was standing outside Ezra's townhouse, arguing quietly with himself. He ran a hand through his hair, thinking back to the words he had overheard in the restroom. He glanced up at the undercover agent's still lighted window and could almost hear the longing that had colored the Southerner's voice. He nodded to himself and squared his shoulders before striding into the building and straight towards Ezra's apartment.

Chris knocked on the door and was surprised at how quickly it was answered. He almost flinched at the large purple bruise that marred Ezra's skin. "Can I come in, Ezra?" His voice was steady, but he was afraid that everything he was thinking could be seen in his eyes.

Ezra frowned, but opened the door wider and stepped back as Chris entered. "What can I do for you at this late hour, Mr. Larabee? Surely any business could wait until the morning."

"It's not business, Ezra." He sighed at the puzzled expression that replaced Ezra's normal poker face. "I wanted to apologize for what happened earlier." Chris's hand moved without any conscious thought until it was only a few scant inches from Ezra's jaw. His lips curled up slightly when he noticed Ezra fighting not to lean into his hand.

"Apologize? Whatever for?" Ezra's voice was rough, his accent thicker than normal.

"I had no cause to hit you, Ezra. I was angry because you scared me, and I didn't like feeling like that." Chris finally looked up and met the green eyes that now shone with a guarded hope.

"And why were you scared, Mr. Larabee?"

Chris took a deep breath, gazing into Ezra's eyes as he answered. "You weren't wearing a vest and that guy could have killed you. I don't think even Buck could keep me together if I lost someone else that I love."

Ezra was silent for a moment, only the slight widening of his eyes showing that he had even heard. He never broke eye contact with Chris as he raised one hand toward his own mouth and bit down on one of his fingertips. Chris frowned as Ezra broke into a sincere smile. "I'm not dreaming after all." His smile fell. "You did say what I think you just said, didn't you?"

Chris grinned as he finally allowed his hand to move, gently caressing Ezra's bruised jaw. "Every word, Ez. You heard every word right."

Ezra tilted his face into the caress, almost purring when Chris slid his thumb over his lower lip. "Lady Luck seems to be smiling on me tonight."

Chris smiled as he moved his other hand to the back of Ezra's neck, pulling the undercover agent closer. "I think she's smiling on both of us, Ez." He pulled Ezra into a passionate kiss, and for the rest of the night there were no more words and no more reflections. Just love.


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