Missing You

by Jade Standish

Ezra glanced around the office and smiled when he saw that his lover was absent. He rose to his feet and headed for JD and Buck's desks, where the two agents were engaged in a paperball fight. "Mr. Dunne, might I speak with you for a moment, in private?"

JD glanced up at Ezra and was immediately hit in the head with a paperball. He turned to glare at Buck, then smiled at Ezra. "Sure, Ez. Let's go to the kitchen. I needed some more coffee anyway."

Once they were in the kitchen, Ezra glanced out around the office once more to insure that Vin was nowhere to be seen. "JD, you know I must go undercover next week and it may be quite awhile before I am able to return." When JD nodded, Ezra continued. "I am afraid that the duration of this case will be somewhat unpleasant for the rest of you, especially Vin."

"What does this have to do with me, Ez?"

Ezra sighed and sat on the corner of the table. "I need your help. I thought of something that would possibly help ease the loneliness that Vin is going to experience, but I do not know enough about electronics to pull it off. That is where you come in, if you are willing to help, that is."

JD stared at Ezra, an indignant expression on his face. "Of course I'm willing to help, Ez. You don't even have to ask. What kind of help do you need?"

Ezra's lips turned up slightly in an embarrassed smile. "I'm not quite certain myself, JD. I wanted to record a song for him."

"I didn't know you could sing."

"Not even Vin knows that I can sing. This is one talent that I have always kept hidden." He ducked his head. "I've always been slightly embarrassed by it, actually. So, can we do it?"

JD nodded enthusiastically. "It shouldn't be a problem. I'll need to get some stuff, and it won't be professional quality, but we can do it. When do you wanna work on this? It'll probably take three or four days to get everything just right."

Ezra groaned. "The only real free time that I have is early in the morning. I certainly hope that Vin appreciates what I'm sacrificing for his happiness."

JD snorted. "You're not fooling anyone, Ez. Ever since you and Vin got together, we've been able to see right through you, at least where he's concerned." He smiled when Ezra blushed. "We like you this way, Ez. The team fits together better."

Ezra smiled, then glanced up guiltily when the door opened and Vin walked in and headed straight for the coffee pot. He nodded at JD when he saw him mouthing a time at him. 'Here at six tomorrow morning?' When Vin walked over, JD grabbed his mug and hurried out the door, a big grin on his face.

"What was that about, Ez?" Vin sat on the table next to Ezra and slid his free arm around the undercover agent's shoulders.

Ezra just leaned over and kissed his lover, smiling at the taste of coffee on Vin's lips. "Something to do with my undercover assignment."

Vin pulled Ezra closer and leaned his head on the Southerner's shoulder. "I'm gonna miss ya while you're gone, Ez. Especially at night, in that big bed all alone."

"I know, Vin. I'm going to miss you, too. But we both knew that this was going to happen, eventually." He turned toward the sharpshooter, tilting his face up. "We are simply going to have to make the most out of the time that we have." He slid his hand around to the back of Vin's neck and pulled him into a kiss.

When they broke apart, Ezra smiled and traced Vin's lips with his thumb. "We should really get back to work before Mr. Larabee comes looking for us, don't you think?"

Vin nodded and they both stood. He pulled Ezra into one last chaste kiss, then pushed him towards the door. "After you, Ez."


At five the next morning Ezra pulled himself out of bed, only the thought of waking Vin keeping him from cursing. Half an hour and two cups of coffee later, he was sliding into his jag and heading towards the office. He grinned, picturing the look on Vin's face when he realized that he wasn't in bed. He made it to the office at the same time as JD pulled up on his motorcycle with a large backpack on his back.

"Hey, Ez. I was looking around yesterday and I found some empty offices up on the ninth floor that oughta be perfect. And I got all the stuff we'll need, so we should be able to get it finished before you leave."

Ezra shook his head. "You certainly have been busy, JD. I do appreciate it."

Once they were in the offices, JD began setting up the equipment. "So, do you have some music, Ez?"

Ezra handed him a CD. "Will you be able to mute the lyrics on the CD without muting the music as well? This was all I could find."

JD nodded. "Won't be a problem." He slid the CD in and pressed a few buttons. "Which song are you gonna sing, Ez?"

"'In My Arms Again.' It's track number ten. I thought that it said everything that I would want to tell Vin."

JD glanced over at Ezra. "Okay, I figure we can warm up today and make sure that everything works right. Tomorrow we'll record it for real and the next day we can make sure everything sounds good. Will that work for you, Ez?"

"That will be fine, JD." Ezra's lips curled up in a smirk. "Although I do imagine that Vin will be wondering what I am doing out of bed so early every morning. I'm certain that he will find it quite puzzling."

JD finally finished with the equipment. "Do you wanna warm up before we start, Ez?"

Ezra shook his head. "No, I did that in the car. I had to find some way to wake myself up."

JD started the music, and Ezra began to sing. The younger agent had been a little wary about Ezra's singing, but discovered that it was unnecessary. While he was obviously untrained, Ezra had a very clear and pleasant voice, his accent only adding to the sound.

When he finished, JD hurriedly turned off the equipment before bursting into applause. "That was great, Ez. Vin's gonna love it."

Ezra smiled. "Thank you, JD. I do hope that Vin will like it." He glanced down at his watch and his eyes widened. "I believe that we should head back downstairs, JD. The time has gone by more quickly than I thought. Shall we meet up here at the same time tomorrow?"

JD nodded, and the two of them packed away the equipment. As soon as they stepped through the office doors, Vin walked over to them. He smiled at JD, then turned serious blue eyes on Ezra. "I was worried when you weren't in bed this morning, Ez. What kind of business could get you up before six in the morning, anyway?"

Ezra sighed as he steered Vin towards his desk. "It had to do with the undercover assignment." He held a finger to Vin's lips before the sharpshooter could speak. "And I will have to be up early for the next two days, as well. I am sorry that I left without telling you this morning, but I didn't want to wake you. Forgive me?" He gazed up at Vin with wide green eyes, his lower lip almost stuck out in a pout.

Vin tried to glare at him, but wound up kissing him instead. "Now I know what you were doin' with JD. He was givin' ya puppy-eyes lessons." He pressed another kiss to Ezra's lips. "And you learned way too well."

By the end of the week, Ezra and JD had managed to get all the kinks worked out of the CD. When they finished, Ezra handed the CD to the younger agent. "Keep this until I've been under for two weeks. This is most likely going to be a rather long assignment, and I think that it would do Vin more good to get it then rather than now."

"Sure, Ez. When do you have to leave, anyway?"

He sighed. "I must leave tonight. I just have enough time to tell Vin good-bye." He glanced down at his watch. "But only if I leave right now."

Ezra hurried to the parking garage, cursing the elevator when it went too slowly. He slid through the doors as soon as they opened and ran into a sturdy body. Once he glanced up, his lips curled into a smile. "I was just coming to find you."

Vin pulled Ezra against his chest, resting his chin on the undercover agent's head. "I know." He wrapped his arms tighter around Ezra and buried his nose in Ezra's hair. "I'm gonna miss you, Ez."

"I know." Ezra lifted his head and pressed his lips to Vin's. "Just remember that I am coming back." He gazed into Vin's blue eyes, fully aware of where his fear was coming from. "Now that I've found you, nothing is going to keep me away. Remember that, Vin."

Vin smiled. "Always." He kissed Ezra once more, then reluctantly allowed him to slide out of his arms. "I still want you to be careful, Ez."

Ezra turned as he was about to slide into the jag and flashed Vin a two-fingered salute. "Always, Vin. Always." He smiled as he thought about what Vin's reaction to the CD would be.


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