Morning After
Part of the Acceptance series

by Silver

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Ezra woke up. Not seeing Vin in bed with him, he panicked for a moment, then felt where his neck and shoulder met and touched the spot where the soft spoken Texan marked him. It was still tender, but just the thought of how Vin had possessed and marked him as his own, sent tidal waves of pleasure through his body. Good Lord, he was rock hard at the memory. How did he get so lucky at finding the other half of his soul in this beautiful man. I don't deserve him, but Lord I can't live without him either. How could one ever leave their soul behind? Not possible. Ezra smiled at that. And who would have thought the shy, quiet, soft spoken tracker was so... so... so aggressive - and let's not forget talented.

Ezra heard a noise in the kitchen and chuckled. It was common knowledge his lover had a bottomless pit for a stomach. He got up, and went to the kitchen. He found his Angel bending over in the fridge. Seeing the beautiful, naked body, bending over like that, made Ezra so painfully hard. Ezra went up behind and put his arms around Vin, his hard cock rubbing against Vin's ass. Vin at the feel of his lover's arousal groaned and turning around smirking said, "Got hungry, thought I'd raid the fridge. Besides didn't want to wake you up. Know, how much you hate to get up before dinner."

Then reaching down and gripping Ezra's hard cock, he grinned at Ezra's growl, "'Course I'm starting to see the benefits of staying in bed that long." He bent down taking Ezra's lips in a soft, slow, bone melting kiss. Backing Ezra into the wall, he deepened the kiss. Then he slowly kissed and licked his way to Ezra's nipples, nipping and licking the nipples till they were red and tender. Blowing on them and giving them one last lick.

He kissed his way down to Ezra's silky, hot manhood. Ezra was moaning and growling as Vin took him into his hot, wet mouth, nibbling on the tip and down to his balls. Taking the sacs into his mouth he gently rolled and sucked on them. Ezra thrashed his head at the ecstasy that Vin was creating. Vin took the hard flesh once again into his mouth. Grabbing Ezra's ass cheeks, he inserted his finger into his hole, and then a second, and then a third. Matching his finger fucking to his sucking rhythm, as he took his lover's cock down his throat. That was the end of Ezra's endurance. As he came, Vin drank down every last drop, and caught Ezra as his knees buckled on him.

Ezra being so drained physically and emotionally, didn't even protested to being carried to the bedroom. Vin cradled his precious burden, nuzzling his neck as he walked to the bedroom. Vin laid his heart on the bed. He got into bed with him, pulling Ezra to his chest. Ezra started to protest at this, "Angel I want to give you pleasure to. I don't ever want it to be one....."

Vin stopped this by putting a finger on his lips. Vin smiled at his heart mate, "You give me pleasure by just being here. I wanted to do that for just you." Ezra shaking his head, tried to interrupt him, but Vin caught and held the green eyes, all his love showing, "Yes, Baby just for you. No other reason than I love you and wanted to give it to you. You're my soulmate. I want to be able to give you something without you thinking there is an ulterior motive, other than your pleasure. Now, not a word. Lay your head back down and let's get some more sleep. Besides we've got the rest of the day to love and play with each other."

Grinning, Ezra gave Vin a possessive kiss that promised more and had Vin moaning. Then Ezra pulled a way with a wicked gleam in his eyes and said, "In that case wake me when it's lunch time"

Vin growled and said "I'll get you for that."

Ezra looked into sky blue eyes and said, "You'd better. That was the whole point. Love you Angel." Yawning Ezra laid his head on Vin's chest, his ear over his lifemate's heart, and fell asleep.

Vin watched him sleeping, wondering how he was going to deal with his lover getting hurt on the job. Knowing they could do it together, he fell asleep thanking God he was given this unbelievably special man.


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