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Struck Down

by Sammy Girl

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"You left Ezra all alone? Is that safe?" JD asked.

"He's sick, he's not going anywhere, I made him promise." Buck sat at his desk; staring at his computer screen, but finding it impossible to concentrate long enough to actually do anything.

"He's not the only one who's sick." Before he could protest or bat the hand away, Nathan placed a hand on his forehead.

"I'm okay."

"Buck you have a fever, did you take anything this morning, 'cause I know you had headache?"

Buck shrugged. "Couple of paracetamol."

"Go home, this bug that's going around is a nasty one, but if you take care of yourself, it seems to be over in about four days. If you don't take care of yourself you'll end up with a chest infection - like Vin."

Josiah came into the office carrying some documents. "Brother," he greeted. "you look horrible."

"Gee thanks. Where's Chris?"

"I just got a call from Vin, Chris' got it now. You should see the DEA offices, it's like a ghost town."

Nathan huffed and went back to his desk, then returned with a slim glass tube. "Open up," he commanded.

"Ah hell Nate, I'm not that sick."

"Do as you're told," JD chided. Buck glared at him, but JD was unimpressed. "That's what you'd tell us to do," he pointed out.

Seeing that he was outnumbered, Buck obediently opened his mouth. Two long minutes later Nathan pulled the thermometer out.

"A hundred and one point two. You are officially sick and you are to go home right now. Take paracetamol every four hours, four times a day, make sure you..."

"Drink lots. I know."

"Good, I'll call in on my way home, bring you something for supper."

"We're okay, got plenty of stuff you can take out of the freezer and nuke up in the microwave," Buck protested.

Nathan visibly shuddered. "I'll bring you some real food."

"Come on, I'll drive your truck and get a cab back here." Josiah had already picked up Buck's leather jacket.


Buck was never going to admit it to anyone, except Ezra, but he felt like shit, and bed had never looked so inviting. It was still only a quarter to ten, as he tossed his jacket on to the hooks in the hallway and toed off his boots. Then he padded down the polished wooden floorboards to the master bedroom at the far end of the first floor apartment.

Ezra was still asleep, snuggled in the centre of the large bed in a cocoon of pristine white linen, clutching Buck's own pillow to his chest. The unnatural flush of his cheeks against the pale skin wasn't welcome, but it did make him look cute - not that he'd ever tell Ezra that, he'd be mortified. Buck made himself turn away and head back to the kitchen. He fixed himself a jug of juice like the one sitting on the bedside cabinet on Ezra's side of the bed, collected some chocolate chip cookies, bananas and grapes and carried the whole lot back to the bedroom. Making sure he had the remote control for the TV close at hand, he set everything down beside the bed. Then he stepped into the bathroom to undress and take a quick shower, even the few hours he'd been dressed had made him feel sweaty and stale.

Finally, and with his head throbbing, he slipped into the bed. Only as he gently tugged the pillow out of Ezra's arms, did his beloved wake.

"Did I sleep all day?" he asked, clearly confused.

"Nope, Nathan sent me home, seems I'm sick too."

Ezra frowned, then pulled one hand out from the covers and placed it on Buck's brow.

"You're very hot," he agreed. "So there's just the four of them at work?"

"Three, Chris is sick too."

"Mmm, so we get to spend the next few days in bed together." Ezra was already drifting back to sleep.

"Can't think of any place I'd rather be sick."

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