Garrison's Gorillas

A Father's Last Wish
The boys seek shelter in enemy territory from an old friend of Garrison's, but all is not as it seems.
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Best Laid Plans
A mission goes wrong and Garrison is injured. Can the Gorillas save the day?
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Dead Man's Gamble
A novella.
The boys get sent Stateside to Boot Camp to solve a vicious crime. Will Garrison survive the Army training?
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Garrison and his men steal some plans that the Germans want back - they take hostages to ensure their return - eight of them are children. Can Garrison save the hostages and keep his men alive and obey orders?
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Missing Friends
Garrison is wounded, Casino in the hands of the enemy. Can the rest of the team keep them alive?
Date Added: 9 March 2004
One Dark Night
Goniff and Casino get caught when Goniff steals something he shouldn't have... it leads to an interesting revelation.
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Their Friendship And Concern
Garrison is injured after remaining behind to cover the Gorillas' retreat. He gets help from an unexpected quarter.
Date Added: 9 March 2004


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