The Sentinel

The Commitment
Jim and Blair have a major falling out, can they sort out their differences before a life is lost?
This story first appeared in the zine: The Sentry Post Vol 2.
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Parking Permit
Not everyone at the Cascade PD agrees with Ellison having a long haired hippie, witch doctor punk for a partner. Will it prove too much for Sandburg?
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Blair has a broken arm and an itch, the rest speaks for itself!!!
This story originally appeared in the Club Doom zine.
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Raw Reality
Blair is asked to do something that will destroy his friendship with Jim, but it will also keep his mother alive. Can Jim help his guide before Blair gets beyond even the Sentinel's help?
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Watch Your Back
Blair pops into a local store to pick up a few bits and gets more than he bargained for.
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Welcome Home
It's Blair's first Christmas at the loft... he has plans, so does Jim!!! .
Date Added: 1 June 2004
You'll Never Know
Blair faces his greatest fear, causing Jim to panic... Will the Sentinel and Guide survive the trauma.
Date Added: 1 June 2004


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