War Of The Worlds

And Hell Followed With Him
A novella.
An attack on an alien-infested warehouse has disastrous repercussions for Blackwood, and his team, when they are forced to face the impending loss of the colonel they had just begun to call friend.
Date Added: 9 March 2004
The Hunter's Pact
How will the team react to an earth grown alien?
Date Added: 9 March 2004
I Promise
Blackwood disobeys Ironhorse's orders. Will it cost the colonel his life?
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Scent Of An Alien (War Of The Worlds / Scent Of A Woman / Starman crossover)
The aliens are after Charlie Simms - can Ironhorse, Blackwood and Slade save him in time?
Date Added: 9 March 2004
Whispered Memories
Ironhorse is injured in battle, will he fully recover or will his place with the team be in danger?
Date Added: 7 November 2006
Words That Bind
Has Ironhorse gone that step too far?  Can Blackwood make him see reason before he is relieved of command?
Date Added: 9 March 2004


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