(Old West)

by Cyc

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He had long since given up dressing and leaving straight afterwards. He had known all along that Ezra had wanted him to stay a little longer, but it was awkward. What were two men lying naked in bed together expected to do after such acts? Discuss the new territory gambling laws? It was true that Ezra managed to slip back into casual conversation with little or no effort, but Chris had found himself at a loss. He was lost for words, actions -- everything. Nothing felt as if it was something he should be doing... afterwards. So, he had made his excuses and left.

Then came the games to keep him in bed longer. It had all started with that origami horse but had developed to include any and every puzzle or challenge that Ezra thought might interest him. Ezra didn't seem to realise that Chris couldn't care less about the puzzles themselves; it was Ezra he was watching.

Warmly content in his musings, Chris reached out to cup a hand around Ezra's moonlit shoulder, watching the shadow falling over his back until his body disappeared beneath the bedclothes. The skin was smooth and soft but it didn't take much exploration to find the muscle and strength beneath it. Ezra was fast, strong and down right sneaky in a fight. If there was a quick way to incapacitate or baffle an opponent into submission, it was a sure thing that Ezra would think of it. His train of thought was quick, unpredictable and full of surprises. Trying to figure out how Ezra's mind worked was like trying to figure out the colours of the morning dew: just when you thought you had it finally figured out, the sun would move a little higher in the sky and a whole new rainbow came to light.

Smiling, Chris leaned forwards and kissed Ezra's shoulder. But then he stilled, frowning. He hadn't stayed in bed like this, just thinking and touching since...

"What you doin'?" Ezra asked sleepily, turning around to squint up at him..

When he made no answer, Ezra moved around to lean up on his elbow and frown at the early morning sunlight creeping into the room.

"You've been here all night?" he blinked confusedly.

Chris shrugged. "Looks like."

"You'd better get--" Ezra's words were cut off with a kiss that pushed him back onto the pillow and pinned to the mattress, just because Chris knew he'd let him.

And Ezra did let him -- for all of ten seconds before rolling him out of bed and onto the floor with a wicked laugh.

The floor was cold and his landing hard, but Ezra's grin was worth it.


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