New Tricks
(Old West)

by Cyc

Origami. Even the word sounded indecent, Ezra thought as he scowled at his headless creation sitting upon the scarred desktop. Perhaps a crisp dollar bill was not the best of mediums to learn with, after all. He picked up his morning's work and studied it with a weary eye. It was enough to make a gentleman who prided himself on his manual dexterity weep. But still, he decided with a shrug as he straightened out the bill, the old man had only shown him a couple of times and he hadn't spared the speed either. Ezra smirked at the depicted maidens tending altar on the dollar's creased face; he'd get that wily old gentleman to show him one more time, then he'd have it.


"Gotta go," Chris had no sooner spoken the words than he was tossing back the covers and rolling out of Ezra's bed.

"Wait." Ezra paused him more with the brush of fingertips across his damp skin than he did with the word. But, still, Chris paused long enough for Ezra to reach back to the bedside table and pick up the pre-creased dollar bill of his earlier successful modelling attempt. "I've got something for you."

Leaning back on an elbow to see what Ezra was up to, Chris' confused frown at the dollar was almost comical. Stifling his grin, Ezra quickly folded the note into the perfect origami horse, proud and high-spirited.

Chris blinked as Ezra grinned and set the horse upon his stomach. "Like it?"

"How did you do that?" Chris picked up the horse for a closer examination. "Show me."

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